Suunto D4 nylon strap aluminium adaptor

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I have been trying to make an adaptor for my diving computer, so I get rid of the annoying plastic strap that constantly breaks. There are some forums that discus the best solution to fix this problem, for example, or here, but I decided to do my own adaptor using my CNC machine and an aluminum bar.

The idea is to use an standard Nylon strap for watches, which I think they are quite strong and easy to replace. I have bought mine on Ebay, the description says something like that “INFANTRY G10 5 RINGS NYLON FABRIC CANVAS WATCH STRAP BAND 22MM PREMIUM QUALITY” link: EBAY, it costs me around 8$ with shipment, not too bad!!

I have used my CNC to mill the aluminum bar, so I get a strong adaptor. For a moment I though to use my 3D printer, but I don’t want to risk my diving computer. Next image displays the actual look of the adaptor, and at the end of the document you can find a PDF drawing with the dimensions and a STEP file of the part.Suunto_D4_AdaptorDimensions

So far, I have done one part and it fits nicely on the watch, may not be the most pretty adaptor ever, but it is functional. I took me around two hours to do the part, because I mill the part manually without any GCODE in my CNC machine. Next pictures you can see some of the results.


First look without any finishing or sanding.

DSC_0120Here is the final results after some sanding

DSC_0123Here is how it looks with the Nylon Strap

DSC_0124DSC_0128And the final results

I hope you can use this adaptor to save your Suunto D4 Diving computer and through the annoying rubber strap.

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